Heritage IT Helpdesk

I wanted to let you know about a new tool available to us. The Heritage IT Helpdesk. If you have an issue that needs our (my) attention, send an email to helpdesk@heritage-theo.edu. I will see your email in my inbox, and it will automatically get put into a list so that I can view history on in and respond accordingly.

We are planning to use it in the following ways.

  • Track issues with your workstations/laptops/phones/tablets and the server technologies you work with day-to-day.
  • Prioritize problems and requests for new solutions.
  • Get a better handle on our hardware and software digital inventory.

The Heritage IT Helpdesk is super easy to use. Again, if you need support with your workstation, database, applications, etc., send an email to helpdesk@heritage-theo.edu. You can do this from anywhere, using any device (think Outlook or Smartphone) and from any email address. When you write the email, here are some best practices for helping me help you solve the issue quickly and reliably.

  1. In the Subject of your email write a concise, specific description of the problem.
  2. In the body of the email give me a little more detail. For example, if there is an error message, write in the error message.
  3. Give me, in one word, a sense of the priority for the issue. For example, if the problem is blocking you from work, then the priority is high. If the issue is blocking you from working, but you have an adequate work around for the next couple days, then the priority is medium. If it’s a feature request, or idea for improving our lives, it’s likely a low priority.

It is my hope that the Helpdesk will be able to assist us in proper issue tracking. Going forward we will be able to do much better trending analysis on the types of issues that are reoccurring.