Outlook Asks For My Password

Sometimes, Outlook 2007 briefly looses its connection with the back end Exchange 2010 server.  This happens despite a healthy network connection on the workstation.  If this occurs, there are two ways to get around the issue temporarily.

Enter your fully qualified domain username and password

In the password dialog that has so rudely interrupted your workflow, enter your fully qualified username and password into the fields provided.  A fully qualified username is one that also includes the domain name that the user is associated with.  For example, if my username is stupendous and my domain is marbles.local, the the fully qualified username is as follow.  Note the back slash.


Putting this into our context, my fully qualified username for the Heritage network is as follows.  Again, note the back slash.


Next, enter your Heritage account password into the password field.

It's also wise to check the Save Password checkbox so your updated credentials are cached by Outlook.

Then hit OK.

Close Outlook and reopen it

This is as straight forward as it sounds.  Just close Outlook and reopen it.  It will use cached credentials based on your most recent Windows login to re-authenticate with the Exchange server.

If that doesn’t work

In the event that neither of those things work, logging off and logging back into Windows will force all of your credentials to be re-cached.

The dropped connection is characterized by a message in the bottom right corner of Outlook.  It will say something like:

  • Password Needed, or
  • Offline with Microsoft Exchange.

A successful connection message will read:

  • Connected to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Online with Microsoft Exchange.

So, make note of the message that shows up in that location.

Donation Receipt Processing

One-Off Receipt Processing

Add receipt data to the tblReceipts table

Data Points:

  • Receipt number (increment from previous number).
  • Date the donation was received.
  • FID (The ID of the person/company from the persons table.
  • Amount of the donation.
  • Check off if tax deductible.  Most will be.
  • Check off Annual Receipt.

Add ReceiptID into the donations table

For the donation, update it’s record in the tblDonations table.

  1. Find the row that corresponds to this donation by cross-referencing the FID.
  2. Add the ReceiptID from the tblReceipts table to the receiptID field.

Run the report

Run the Report rptReceipt which grabs the receipts generated for today.  It’s formatted on legal sized paper.

Typically, I will print or export this report to a PDF for the office staff to print onto our formal receipt paper.

Media Organization

It’s important to catalog our published media so that they are properly organized, easy to find later, and able to be backed up.  The Media folder contains directories for each year.  Your media should be saved inside the directory corresponding to the year it was published.  A folder should be created for each event/date with the following naming convention.

yymmdd description


151008 Chapel

That way each entry will be sorted by date and easy to find later.  Further the description helps for search-ability.

The location for our published media is:


A rough process for publishing media files is as follows…

1. Production - i.e. Capturing audio and video.
2. Save RAW footage to external USB hard disk.
3. Copy RAW footage to internal drive for editing.
4. Editing - compile final cut using an DAW (audio) or NLE (video).
5. Save the completed work to the Media folder.
6. Publish the media to Moodle or other web location.

Relevant Links

Get Organized: How to Manage Video Files

For editors, how do you keep track of/organize all of your raw video footage?

Create A New User In William

Add a New User

  • Add-Ins -> Administration -> System Administration.
  • Go to the Security Tab.
  • Fill in the UserName and Password fields.  Click Create User.
  • Under Group column, click the Add button for each group the user should be added to.
  • Click Close.

Update the Start Form and Toolbar

  • Reopen the System Administration dialog to reload the list of users.
  • Move to the Users tab and find your new user in the list.
  • In the name ID column, add the id of their person record.  This can be done by pressing the ‘…’ button and searching for their name in the list of persons.  If there is no record, you may have to create one.  Please note name changes in your search (i.e. if adding a married female who changed their name).
  • Add a StartForm and Toolbar entries according to this list.

    Start Forms

    AWISEMAN – registrar
    JSTIEN – Finance
    DONSYS – Donars