Self-Guided Setup: MacBook

The laptop MUST be on the Heritage Staff wireless network for this process to work.  If you received the machine directly from the IT department, it will be.

Step 1: Login with your Heritage account

  • At the login screen click Other…
  • Enter your Heritage ID username (typically first initial + last name) and password
  • Press Enter
  • At the SecureToken prompt click Bypass

Step 2: Work through the Apple setup prompts

  • Please use the Apple ID assigned by the IT department when setup prompts you for an Apple ID.  This Apple ID will provide you with 200GB of iCloud storage for backups.  It will also associate the Mac hardware with this Apple ID.
  • You can still use a personal Apple ID for other Apple services such as iMessage and the App Store.

Step 3: Setup Heritage email

  • Open Outlook from Launcher or Spotlight
  • Click Get Started
  • Sign In to Outlook using your Heritage ID email address and password
  • Click Start Using Outlook
  • Click Add <username>
  • Click Done

Step 4: Setup other applications

Feel free to launch and set up other applications such as…

  • OneDrive
  • Teams