Update William Installation

William is the main database used at Heritage College and Seminary for managing the institution’s course catalog, student records, financial records, and much more.

William is a Microsoft Access 2003 database and is hosted on our internal servers.  It is accessible via the W: drive for each user who is granted access.  To update your installation of William please follow these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the W: drive (Start -> Computer -> W:\).
  2. Double-click the update.bat file to run the update utility.
  3. Done.

Yes, it was that easy!

Import Attendance Dates for Courses

Kirsha will send a spreadsheet of class id’s and course dates.  It will look something like this.

ClassID    CourseDate
7943    13-Jan
7943    20-Jan
7943    27-Jan
7949    11-Jan
7949    18-Jan
7949    25-Jan

It will contain a list dates for each class throughout the semester.  Our job is to import this data into the tblClassDates table in William.


  1. Open William in design mode.
  2. Click ‘External Data‘.  On the Import tab click ‘Excel‘.
  3. Work through the wizard, choosing the spreadsheet and Append a copy of the records to the table.
  4. The table that we need to import into is called tblClassDates.

To verify the result open the Attendence tracking form (frmAttendenceTracking – also there a button called Attendence on the Registrar start form).  Click the ‘Classes and Dates‘ button and choose one of the class that you know should have dates associated with it.  The new semester’s date will appear in the Dates field below.

Update William Version

Put William into Development mode.  The following procedure should be done on each file that’s part of the William database.  The files are.

  • hdata.mdb – The main database file itself.  Mode tables and stored queries live here.  This file will need to be opened exclusively in order to change the version.
  • heritage.mdw – Workgroup file that contains user authentication and authorization data.
  • h_user.mdb
  • heritage.mdb – The main front end file.

In each file, update the version for the properties of the file.  Procedure is as follows.

  • With the file open in Access, go to Menu -> Manage -> Database Properties.
  • In the Properties dialog, in the Custom tab click on the ‘Version’ name in the Properties list/field.  Increment the value.
  • Click Modify.  Click Ok.
  • Choose Menu -> Manage – > Compact and Repair.
  • Save it and close.

Donation Receipt Processing

One-Off Receipt Processing

Add receipt data to the tblReceipts table

Data Points:

  • Receipt number (increment from previous number).
  • Date the donation was received.
  • FID (The ID of the person/company from the persons table.
  • Amount of the donation.
  • Check off if tax deductible.  Most will be.
  • Check off Annual Receipt.

Add ReceiptID into the donations table

For the donation, update it’s record in the tblDonations table.

  1. Find the row that corresponds to this donation by cross-referencing the FID.
  2. Add the ReceiptID from the tblReceipts table to the receiptID field.

Run the report

Run the Report rptReceipt which grabs the receipts generated for today.  It’s formatted on legal sized paper.

Typically, I will print or export this report to a PDF for the office staff to print onto our formal receipt paper.

Create A New User In William

Add a New User

  • Add-Ins -> Administration -> System Administration.
  • Go to the Security Tab.
  • Fill in the UserName and Password fields.  Click Create User.
  • Under Group column, click the Add button for each group the user should be added to.
  • Click Close.

Update the Start Form and Toolbar

  • Reopen the System Administration dialog to reload the list of users.
  • Move to the Users tab and find your new user in the list.
  • In the name ID column, add the id of their person record.  This can be done by pressing the ‘…’ button and searching for their name in the list of persons.  If there is no record, you may have to create one.  Please note name changes in your search (i.e. if adding a married female who changed their name).
  • Add a StartForm and Toolbar entries according to this list.

    Start Forms

    AWISEMAN – registrar
    JSTIEN – Finance
    DONSYS – Donars