Connecting to a Fuze Classroom

Heritage College and Seminary has introduced a new method of lesson delivery through our connected classrooms and the use of Fuze for Rooms. Fuze is an industry leading web conferencing solution similar to products from WebEx, Adobe, and Microsoft (Skype for Business). The HD video and audio quality, in addition to its ease of use, made Fuze the appropriate choice for Heritage.

With Fuze, remote students and classrooms can connect in via a conventional computer with a webcam, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Virtually any device that has internet access can be used to connect in.

As of this writing, we have one connected classroom, with a second on the way. We have begun streaming live classes and connecting remote students and reception has been overwhelmingly positive. To get connected to a classroom, the process is as easy as clicking on a link, adding your name and clicking Join!

Quick Start

The easiest way to connect to a meeting is to click the meeting link. They look like this.

The meeting link would have been provided via email, or would be noted in the Links section of the course in myHeritage. So, go ahead and click on the link and follow the on-screen instructions. Your computer, smartphone, or tablet will attempt to download the Fuze App, install it and connect to the meeting.

For detailed instructions on the many permutations of connecting to a Fuze meeting, have a look below. Also, if you do not wish to download and install the app, there is an option to ‘join via browser’.

More Details

To connect to a meeting, you will need the Fuze client app, which can be downloaded from here.  You will also need

  • a meeting id,
  • a meeting invite email that contains a link, or
  • a copy of the meeting link from myHeritage.

There are multiple ways to connect to a class.

  • Via your computer/laptop with a webcam.
  • Via mobile phone.
  • Old-school dial-in via a toll free number.