Update William Version

Put William into Development mode.  The following procedure should be done on each file that’s part of the William database.  The files are.

  • hdata.mdb – The main database file itself.  Mode tables and stored queries live here.  This file will need to be opened exclusively in order to change the version.
  • heritage.mdw – Workgroup file that contains user authentication and authorization data.
  • h_user.mdb
  • heritage.mdb – The main front end file.

In each file, update the version for the properties of the file.  Procedure is as follows.

  • With the file open in Access, go to Menu -> Manage -> Database Properties.
  • In the Properties dialog, in the Custom tab click on the ‘Version’ name in the Properties list/field.  Increment the value.
  • Click Modify.  Click Ok.
  • Choose Menu -> Manage – > Compact and Repair.
  • Save it and close.

Wowza GoCoder Setup for HeritageLive

Heritage Live uses the Wowza Streaming Engine on the back end to facilitate ingestion of external video and audio sources, transcoding of those sources, and publication to an external site.  To setup GoCoder as an ingestion source for the Wowza Streaming Engine hosted by Heritage College and Seminary, please use the following instructions and settings.

The Wowza GoCoder is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Download the Wowza GoCoder app from the app store on your device (i.e. the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store).
  • Once the app is installed, launch it and it will show you a brief legend for each of the apps buttons.
  • Open the Server Info section.  The settings are as follows:
Host -> Server: streams.heritage-theo.edu
Host -> Port: 1935
Application -> Application: HeritageLive
Application -> Stream Name: can be anything that will identify your device in the system.  Use only letters with no spaces.
Login -> Use the Publisher Name and Password sent to you by the Heritage IT department.
  • In the Video Options section of the application you can change what is being sent with your stream, such as video & audio, video only, or audio only.  You can also change video encoding settings such as the size.  For primary video we will be starting with a 720p stream and re-encoding that using the streaming engine on the server.  For secondary source such as a secondary classroom, using a lower resolution such as 640×360 would be appropriate.  The key is to use a sufficient bit rate.  The bit rate setting can be found on the main screen in the lower left corner.
  • Once you’ve got all your setting made, try it.  Punch the big red button in the lower right corner.  If the app is successful in publishing the stream to the server the message will change from Connecting to Connected!

You’re done.  Congratulations!

We first used the Wowza Streaming Engine with an Introduction to the Bible course taught by Gord Oeste in the fall of 2015.