Update William Version

Put William into Development mode.  The following procedure should be done on each file that’s part of the William database.  The files are.

  • hdata.mdb – The main database file itself.  Mode tables and stored queries live here.  This file will need to be opened exclusively in order to change the version.
  • heritage.mdw – Workgroup file that contains user authentication and authorization data.
  • h_user.mdb
  • heritage.mdb – The main front end file.

In each file, update the version for the properties of the file.  Procedure is as follows.

  • With the file open in Access, go to Menu -> Manage -> Database Properties.
  • In the Properties dialog, in the Custom tab click on the ‘Version’ name in the Properties list/field.  Increment the value.
  • Click Modify.  Click Ok.
  • Choose Menu -> Manage – > Compact and Repair.
  • Save it and close.