Activate Heritage Email Account on a Smartphone

The Heritage email server is hosted on-site using Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange provides a number of advances features beyond basic email. Most of these features you will be familiar with such as Calendar and Contacts. But, Microsoft also includes a number of features for ‘free’.

By free, I mean that out of the box Microsoft Exchange provides a protocol (ActiveSync) that allows us to synchronize our communications data between different endpoints.  One of those endpoints is Microsoft Outlook.  Other endpoints can include a smartphone (such as an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone device) or a web browser.

Below are the settings that your smartphone will need in order to activate your Heritage account.  It will give you Email, Contacts, and Calendar sync between the server and your phone (and Outlook, and the web access site).

  • Username: yourWindowsUsername
  • Password: yourWindowsPassword
  • Email Address: yourEmailAddress
  • Domain: heritagecollege
  • Mail Server Address:

Your Heritage account can also be accessed from a web browser using Outlook Web App from